Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Normal alcohol drinking session. You start with the hellos. Hi, I am this, working for that company. All these create a clear sense of where you belong. The topic it hides, is the normal daily routine, a drunk you and the numerous problems at home. It could be a frustrated wife, a rapper of a mom or a closed door that is so uninviting to you. But the drive for a good time before the filled bottle overshadows all of it.

Some friends beleive that there is no better place to be at than home, with a serving wife and good friends willing to stay as long as the drinks flow. I say it is fun only if you are a visitor. You have a good time and you are not answerable to the wife who sits alone in another room hoping the homecoming ends. A good night’s sleep becomes a priority for her. But the alcohol effect is such that even after four glasses of whiskey, it feels like you have just started.

Then comes the conversations which somehow always ends in a debate with neither of the party in a mood for a truce. It never stops at one topic as drunks having conversation, and never follows the straight highway, rather takes the chowrasta as the Indian love to say. You go haywire with rationalizing and your frustrated homeys takes a backseat then.

It shows the sensibility and mental sturdiness that get victimized by the rising alcohol content in you...(might be continued)