Monday, November 9, 2009

Trying to write

I try to write…all that comes out is angst ridden lines bout the drawbacks and inconsistency bout lifetime… more so sinking in the dullness created by myself…not happy about how life kicks in hard…

Mind is a tricky thing but its how we use it as it can work only one way at a time (most of the time)

Ignorance is bliss but out of ignorance I could see just what I feared the most…I became more of the watchdog…fearing I might miss out on things…I watched, tried to analyze…thought I was living …reality was different…I let life pass me by…making it harder for me and those around me…I had me in the center and everything revolved around…I took the center stage and got lost in myself… it was good in a way…I learnt more of me…and the imperfection that lay attached… I got caught up with the imperfections.

When I think of what’s not right and brood over situations, I forget, yeah forget to think proper and appreciate the important things.

And through all these…a simple song is all it takes to remind me… remind me of families, friends and the allures and niceties that are associated with it which could last me a lifetime, of the smiles I smiled and made others smile, of the laughs I shared with my loved ones, of how I saw no difference in between a stranger and a close associate (rarely- the time Buddha must have been proud), of the times I made a fool out of myself and came out with a laugh, of times I felt lucky just for being alive, of the times I was on the receiving end of small gestures that had an aura of goodness written all over it, of fights and the hatred that made my vision go blur-

Guess I was sane enough to have realized it to be a part of life… my life… Just in time, I hope!!!

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